Purchasing real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Aside from deciding on a zip code and desired property details, there are many legal factors to consider in the State of Florida. When it comes to real estate transactions and title insurance services for a home or commercial property, you need the assistance of a skilled Real Estate Attorney.

What to Know About Real Estate Transactions in Florida

For your protection, it behooves both the buyer and seller to hire an experienced attorney to ensure transparency, accuracy, and ease throughout the process. Here are the steps you can expect to take before you complete the final purchase:

Offer acceptance which includes:
  • Acceptance of the buyer’s offer
  • Buyer’s deposit is held by the designated escrow agent
  • Both parties sign a contract so your attorney or title company can legally transfer the title of the property to the new owners
The inspection process which may include:
  • Whole house inspection to determine whether all systems and components within the home are functioning as intended
  • Additional types of inspections including radon, mold, wood destroying organisms, such as termites, and drywall
  • A boundary survey to determine accurate boundaries of the property and identify any encroachments or setback violations that could cause an issue for the buyers
Buyer inspection elections and further negotiations could include:
  • Upon final inspection reports, a seller may need to complete repairs, give a credit, adjust the sales price, or chip in for closing costs to compensate for any issues identified
  • If negotiations cannot be resolved, it is important that you are represented by an attorney, because if the inspection process is not handled properly, the buyer may be stuck purchasing the property with the deficiency or else put their deposits in jeopardy.
Securing a mortgage will include:
  • Once a buyer is pre-approved for loan, a licensed appraiser will assess the property on behalf of the lender to determine its value
  • If the sale price is higher than the value of the appraisal, the seller may be asked to reduce the final amount

Pre-closing process will include:
  • Finalizing the closing date
  • The buyer is informed of the final amount to bring to the closing
  • All paperwork including the deed, loan package and the title commitment to be processed by the closing agent
And finally, the closing.
  • Traditionally, the buyer and seller meet at the attorney’s office or the title company’s office to sign all sale and loan related documents required to close the transaction
  • Nowadays, mobile notaries, overnight deliveries, and even online notaries are used for the signing of the closing documents
  • Once the closing agent is in possession of all the requisite documents, disbursement is made, and closing occurs.
  • The deed is thereafter recorded in the county records.

Florida Real Estate Legal Services and Title Insurance in One Convenient Place

No need to complicate the sale or purchase of your Florida property, Huy Jacob P.A. will provide you with helpful guidance and services to minimize the stress. One key offering is securing title insurance which protects you against:

The goal of your real estate lawyer is to prevent anything like that from happening in the first place. Nothing, however, is 100% guaranteed. Owning title insurance can actually save you thousands of dollars even hundreds of thousands of dollars should any of the above scenarios arise. Most importantly, title insurance can protect you should the forfeiture of the property emerge.

Our #1 goal at Huy Jacob P.A. is to provide expert legal advice and solutions to ensure your final transaction is flawless.