Huy Jacob P.A. offers affordable legal solutions to set entrepreneurs and business owners up for success. Each has its own unique objectives and requires an experienced law firm to attentively manage the complex details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

What to Know About Business Formation in Florida

If your Florida-based business experiences a wrongful transaction or business relationship, you may be able to claim for damages. This can include rights infringement, a deal-gone-sour or even professional misconduct. Huy Jacob P.A. has successfully managed thousands of cases worldwide and takes pride in providing outstanding legal services and proven capabilities to Florida Businesses and beyond.

General Civil Litigation and Business Disputes in Accordance to Florida Laws

Huy Jacob P.A. successfully protects and services your business in all civil litigation and business-to-business disputes in the state of Florida. Our achievements have been recognized in the following areas:

Huy Jacob, P.A. provides meticulous legal representation to guide your business through the regulations and laws governing commercial, civil, and other complex business demands. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

What to Know About Commercial Property Acquisition in Florida

Florida real estate is extremely competitive. Your greatest chance of success depends on the expertise and guidance of your commercial property acquisition professional.

Commercial Property Acquisition requires a skilled, Florida-based Real Estate law firm who understands the state’s complexities and challenges around selling or purchasing a commercial space.

Huy Jacob P.A. can help:

Huy Jacob P.A. offers commercial property acquisition services to clients in Naples and surrounding areas of Florida.